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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Cross Port Test

I've read the OS Reference manual (v4.0) and I want to know if I can really run crossPortTest on a live running switch. It seems to say you can use it while the switch is ONLINE.

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Re: Cross Port Test

this may not answer your question exactly, but i often use spinfab to test transceiver/cabling across switch-to-switch ISLs. frames are transmitted from one switch and looped back at the remote switch. after the test is run (you can specify the number of frames to transmit on the CLI or just manually stop the test after some time period), check for errors on the ports with portstatsshow/porterrshow.this test can be run when the switches are online and should not affect any devices in the fabric except to take up a portion of ISL bandwidth. by default all E_Ports on the switch will be used, but you can change this on the CLI.

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