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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Creating a self signed certificate.

Is there any tutorials on creating a self signed certificate for fabos v6.3.1a?  I have genrated the key pairs, created the .csr.  Not sure how to create the .crt to import for https.  I used the FOS admin guide but it is missing steps on self signing.

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Re: Creating a self signed certificate.

Is long time ago I have used such Self signed Certificate,

and I'm the opinion such Certificate help nobody, but this is another story and as i sayed is just my opinion.

Back to your Topic:

AFAIK,  this Feature is not longer supported by Brocade.

Forgive me, and ignore this post please if I'm wrong...

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Re: Creating a self signed certificate.


Selfsigned Certificates are not a Brocade topic. The procedure is related to your Certificate authority.

You can find some good articles at Microsoft or just Google it.

An entry point is

@TechHelp24: A selfsigned certificate is needed if your IT security guidelines will force you to use encryption and you would like to use Webtool or DCFM with https.

If you use selfsigned or public certificates you can import these into your browser and this will have the effect that your browser will trust the SAN switch and did not came up with messages.

In some environments you can't live without signed certificates.

I hope this helps,


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