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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Costs for 8 Port expansion 200e

How much should I expect to pay for opening the remainder 8 ports on my 200E FOS Switch?

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Re: Costs for 8 Port expansion 200e


1) you post question in wrong forum

2) brocade 200E is end of sales, and optional license are not longer available.

most economy, you looking for a used brocade 200E with all licensed port.

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Re: Costs for 8 Port expansion 200e

Sorry about wrong forum, So is it impossible to open up the other ports?

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Re: Costs for 8 Port expansion 200e

Greetings amarino & TechHelp24.  First, I moved this thread to the correct location.  Second, there is one slight correction.  Yes this switch is very much EOS, but you can still buy a POD license for this switch (either with or without SFPs).  Here are the brocade part numbers: 

BR-SMED4POD-01POD,4-Port Activation for Mid-Range Switches, 0 SFPs
XBR-SMED4POD-0001POD,4-Port Activation for Mid-Range Switches, 4 SFPs

Now depending on who you go through for procurement, I'll leave that to them for quoting.


Mike Eversole
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