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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Corrupt McData 4500



I've been given a reported faulty McData 4500 to look at and was hoping somebody here might be able to shed a bit of light.


Apparently it does not initialise properly


It is removed from the fabric, when powered up it does the following


Green power LED lit

LAN port LED's lit

Orange fault LED flashes briefly

All Blue LED's flash (briefly)

All Orange port lights lit then go out

All Blue port lights flash (briefly)

All Blue port light lit then go out.

Blue port lights flash one after the other in sequence.


So it appears to be going through the boot check ok?


I have no idea what the ip address is for this unit so I connected to it via the com port and hyperterminal. I am able to connect ok and it accepts the default password. However it will not accept any commands, C> ipconfig for example it says Invalid Command.


Any idea's ? could it be corrupt firmware and if so how do I reload it?



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