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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Consideration to add new SAN Switch.

Hi All,

What are the consideration to add new switch to existing SAN Fabric ? I current have 2498-B40 and I will add one 2498-B40; both have 6.4 Firmware. The existing the Domain ID is 22.

Does anyone has a good documentation of it or something ?


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Re: Consideration to add new SAN Switch.

Hello Paulo,

there are many posts on this subject on the forum.

Search for ISL.

If you'd click on "Data Center SAN" under forums this post was in the first 10:

modified Andreas post a bit:

1) make sure that the new switch has no zoning inplace and all ports are disabled.

2) make sure both switches has an unique domain ID. Make sure that the fabric ops parameter are the same.

3) connect both switch with one or more cables and enable the ports. This will cause an fabric build which will cause IO stop within the fabric. Do this in a low traffic point of time if possible.

4) hope that all went fine.

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