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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Connection old/new switchs


Our San (2Gb/s) design is like :

Silkworm3850Fos420Principal <-----E-Port-----> Silkworm3250Fos320Subordinate (Fabric1)

Silkworm3250Fos320Principal <-----E-Port-----> Silkworm3850Fos420Subordinate. (Fabric2)

We want upgrade to 2(40P)  Brocade 51xx(Fos6xx) in 2 steps.

  - Step1: 51xx will be connected thru E-port to 3850 to access current dasd, tape ......ect

  - Step2 : later remove old (32+38)50 and keep only one fabric .

Can I try to  connect 51xx thru 3850 without upgrading to the compatibility level set (fos5.1 for 3250 and fos531 for 3850) ?



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