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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Connecting via ICL two new DCX8510- 8 to two existing DCX8510-8 connected via ISL

Hi all,

We have to add to an existing SAN composed by two DCX 8510-8 connected via normal ISL (each VF has her ISL connections) two new DCX 8510-8 switches and connect all of them using ICL; there are someone that has already implemented a similar solution ?


I’ve found some different document that explain how to this but, in those documents, I’ve in found some contradictions also.


Contradictions are about:

• ICL cable connections from a switch to another (we must use ICL0 -> ICL1 and ICL1 to ICL0 or not)

• ICL ports can reside on the Default Switch (IFD:128) or we have to create a Base Switch

• ICL and normal ISL can be done on the same Chassis ?


Any help is appreciated.



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Re: Connecting via ICL two new DCX8510- 8 to two existing DCX8510-8 connected via ISL

Hi Gianluca,

Did I get it right that your target topology is four 8510-8 chassis all together connected using ICL, without any legacy ISL connections? If yes, what ICL connectivity are you planning to have: full-mesh or core-edge? And how many ICL licenses do you have? All this should be your primary concerns and guidelines.

I didn't really get your question about ICL0 and ICL1, but any possible connections are listed in one of the Brocade manuals. I think this is FOS Admin Guide if my memory doesn't cheat me.

ICL ports could be assigned to any VF you like. If you have them in the Base VF, then other VFs could use it as XISL, if you will assign them to the individual VFs, then inter-domain traffic will be isolated for these VFs. That works not so much different from the traditional ISLs.

ICL and ISL could coexist, but this is not recommended. You will obviously have them working together during the ISL to ICL migration - that's OK, I've done this and didn't have any issues.

Good luck!
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Re: Connecting via ICL two new DCX8510- 8 to two existing DCX8510-8 connected via ISL

Hi Stepanov,


we have two DCX8510-8 already connected through dedicated Virtual Fabric ISL (there are 3 VF: SAN, TAN, SVC)


now we want to add other two DCX8510-8 and obtain a full-mesh topology with 4 DCX.


we have both the CR8 board (5 and 8) with only 1 POD ICL license (so only the first 8 QSFP of each blade are active)


for ICL0 and ICL1 cross connection, I suppose that is regarding the old configuration for the ICL with DCX/DCX4S when ICL connection was in copper and in the manual there is no reference to the DCX8510-8 ISL connection. 


we don't want to dedicate an ICL to a VF but share all the ICL .


you solve the biggest issue saying that ICL and ISL can coexist for the ISL to ICL migration, thanks.



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