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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Connecting two SAN systems together 6505 switches

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Hi i am totally new to Brocade, but have done lots of zoning on Qlogic and Cisco before.

We have a two current system setups by a previous engineer, a Live environment and a test enviroment, both are totally isolated, basically i want to leverage the nice new EMC SAN storage on our live system with the test environment.

Test is using slower and older MSA style storage, which is zoned in via its own single 6505, and live has two 6505's Fabric A and B, both switches arent connected together and isolated too.

is it possible to just create and ISL between this two currently working switches, so i can zone in the EMC storage to the test servers ?

The zoning looks very basic, on both the switches. there is no domain config at present. Admin Domain on both switches is AD0, i dont mind blowing away the test environment switch, and re-doing the zoning on that switch, but i cannot afford for live to go down obviously.

test woule be ok to reset, but would prefer not to have to break anything if possible, any advice greatly appricated.

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Re: Connecting two SAN systems together 6505 switches

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You could make an ISL but you will need a fabric license to do that, first step would be to do a licenseshow to see is its possible.

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Re: Connecting two SAN systems together 6505 switches



16G switches do not need a licenses anymore for building a fabric

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