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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Connecting three Brocade 300 SAN switches via ISL

Hello Brocade Gurus,

I would be grateful if you could help me.

I would like to build a secondary site (for some servers and a library) which would be  connected to the primary site via Single Mode FC cable. The distance is about 1km.

I have two Brocade 320 switch 8 (with Full Fbaric license) on the primary site, which is two separate fabric now and anyway they work well.

I would like to buy a new Brocade 300 (with full fabric license), and three piece of long-wave transceivers (one LW SFPs into the new switch, and two LW SPFs intto the old switches). I would connect the two old switches to the new one.

I have attached a picture about my idea.

Is it possible to build that configuration?

What shall I do before and after I connect the new switch??

Thank you,

Hans Fried

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Re: Connecting three Brocade 300 SAN switches via ISL


Technically it is possible, but not recommended because, now, you have two separated single-switch fabrics; If you want to connect the two switchs to this new switch, you will need to merge these two fabrics into the same one, otherways the new switch will not be able to connect to the two switchs at the same time.

In order to do what you proposed, you have some options:

- merge all the switchs into a single fabric (I wouldn't recommend it)

- buy two new switchs insteado of just one (most recommendable and expensive)

- Connect the new switch only to one of the two switchs.

- By a model that supports Virtual Fabrics (e.g. Brocade 5100), then create 2 VF in the same switch. This way, you can connect the two switchs to the new one and keep the fabrics separated.


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Re: Connecting three Brocade 300 SAN switches via ISL

Hello Felipon,

Thank you very much your help.

Yes I know the two switches would be better on the remote site, but you know we have to be costeffective.

Could you explain me what disadvantages could be beacuse of merging the switches into one fabric?

I think despite of merging into one fabric two primary switches the primary site SAN would remain redundant.

Kind Regars..

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Re: Connecting three Brocade 300 SAN switches via ISL


You can do this without merging the dual switches at your primary site (since obviously you need H/A).  However, you can only connect your single switch on the remote site to ONE of your primary switches.  If you don't need H/A at your remotely site it shouldn't matter which switch you choose.  If you need the connection from both switches at the remote site then you need to buy another switch.  Merging your two fabrics together is not considered "best practice".  There are many reasons why not to merge your fabrics and we can explain but honestly, if people are saying don't do it, there's a really good reason behind that.

I like Felipon's answer though.  Buy a 5100 and do create a dual VF on the remote site, problem solved.

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