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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Connecting McData 1620 to EMC Clariion CX700

     We have an EMC Clariion CX700 Fibre Channel SAN that we're using for centralized storage of test/development virtual machines and some data replication. I picked up an McData 1620 SAN router that I was hoping to configure for iSCSI so as to avoid the expenses of Fibre Channel HBA's, cables, and switches for about a dozen virtual machine hosts. I have connected our Clariion CX700's SP-A and SP-B ports to the MCData's FC Ports 1 and 2 and have connected Ports 3 and 4 of the router into a pair of Dell PowerConnect 2824 GbE switches using optical GBIC modules. The Ethernet ports respond to ping and I have IP addressing configured across the board for the switch. I've followed the admin guide for the McData 1620 but I am unable to get the Clariion CX700 to recognize the McData switch. If I log into Element Manager on the McData and examine Device Properties, the switch does list the Clarrion as follows:

Port: 1

Port Name: Clariion SP-A

Port Type: F Port

Device ID: 239

Status: Enabled

Symbolic Name: <blank>

Capacity in MB: <blank>

Vendor ID: Clariion

Product ID: Initiator

Device Type: Initiator / Host

Port WWN: 50:06:01:68:20:ec:63

Node WWN: 50:06:01:60:b0:20:ec:63

     However, while the switch does see the Clariion as a connected device, the Clariion itself does not recognize the switch as a connected host. Logging into the web-based Navisphere management and checking the Hosts tab and looking at Connectivity Status in Navisphere does not show the McData as connected. Manually registering the McData in Navisphere using the port WWN for the FC port does work, however when checking the connectivity status of the manually registered host, it says "Not Logged In".

     I'm sure I've got something configured wrong somewhere along the line but after two days of troubleshooting I still can't figure it out. EMC does have documentation regarding SAN-Copy that shows a CX series SAN connected directly to an McData 1620 and I looked to see if there was any special settings in there. Couldn't find anything of use. If someone here can nudge me in the right direction or point out what I've got wrong here, I'd really appreciate it. Also, while I know there's reference in McData documentation to something called SANVergence Manager, I do not have that software and from what I gather, it's not free and there's nowhere to download it.

Specs on the MCData&colon;

McDATA, ECLIPSE Family, ECLIPSE 1620, PCA SN XX-0000-000000, Prod SN USA41500171620-03, SW Rev 4.2.0.EP, PCA Assy 470-0056-02

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Re: Connecting McData 1620 to EMC Clariion CX700

Dear ISManager:

I do not believe that the switch will show up as a host.  Switches are typically passive devices that are used to interconnect Initiator devices (your Dell servers) to target devices (your storage).  In order to do this, you have to first set up the ports on the 1620 appropriately and then have zoning set up in the switch to interconnect the two. Hope this helps.

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