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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Connecting Brocade 7800 to Existing Brocade 5100 switch

Hi, We have a customer requirement to connect Brocade 7800 router to Exisitng Brocade 5100 switch.


The router was earlier purchased for replication, but later customer decided not to use the same and went ahead with database level replication.


The customer now want to connect this router to exisiting Brocade 5100 and use it as an edge switch.


I know that Brocade 7800 is not meant to be used as a edge switch, but customer want to ran out of ports in 5100 and want to use the ports available in 7800 in the fabric to connect devices.


I read it is not adviceable to connect end devices to 7800 unless they are dedicated replication ports.


Please suggest if it is techincally feasible to use 7800 as an edge switch and let me know if there are any license requirements or limitations.

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Re: Connecting Brocade 7800 to Existing Brocade 5100 switch

FC Port in 7800 in Default Settings Mode, have the same FC Features as FC Port in 5100, so you can safely use the 7800 like a Standalone Switch.


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