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Connecting Brocade 5000 to Dell/Brocade 4424

I apologize if this information is somewhere in the forums but I've searched and am unable to find what I'm looking for.

Can someone please provide me with the detailed steps or link to a guide that shows the steps to connect via 1 physical link (since I don't have an ISL trunking license yet, but will soon) two Brocade switches, if it matters I'm connecting an existing Brocade 5000 to a new Brocade/Dell 4424 switch?

All I've been able to gather so far is that the switches need to have different Domain IDs, but what are the other steps from beginning to end?

And once they are connected how do I setup zoning? Do I have to create zones by managing each switch seperately or do all ports then appear within the web management interface when I connect to the 5000?

Thank you!!

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Re: Connecting Brocade 5000 to Dell/Brocade 4424


In case the 4424 switch is not configured yet (apart from IP address), you can just link the two switches and the new switch should join the fabric and that's it. That means that configuration from 5000 will be propagated to 4424. After that you can defize zoning on any switch, it will be propagated across the fabric to other switches. Basically there several factors you must take into account when connecting switches:

1. Domain ID (you already know that). Domain ID can be assigned to the new switch by principal switch, or the domain ID can be set up to be insistent.

2. PID format and some fabric.ops parameters (if these parameters are factory defaults, and they usually are, there shouldn't be a problem)

3. If you have aliases, zones and configuration(s) defined on the new switch, you might get zoning conflicts.

In any case, if there some incompatibilities concerning above points, the new switch will not merge with Brocade 5000 fabric and they will become segmented. Make sure that the ports you are trying to connect are enabled. You may want to check the documentation library on this site in Technical Resource Center and read some product manuals and best practises guides.

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