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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Connect HBA 825 to EMC CX300


we have recently bought a Dell PE R610 server with a Brocade 825 HBA. We need to connect this server to a EMC CX300 using Fibre Channel. We have followed the following steps:

1. We have physically connected the HBA Fibre ports to the CX300 Array and we can see the link up

2. We have installed Brocade HBA drivers, Brocade HCM, Powerpath 5.5 and Navisphere Agent on the windows 2003 server. (R610)

3. We cannot see any connection in the Navisphere Connectivity Status but we can ping from the server to the Array SP IPs

4. We cannot see any adapter in the EMC powerpath console.

Are we missing any step?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Connect HBA 825 to EMC CX300

Hello David,

Currently, the Brocade BR-825 is only supported point-to-point  connection, hence, direct connectivity (FC-AL) is NOT supported at this  time; however, the next driver/firmware 3.x code which will be released  sometime early next year in 2012 and this will support direct connection  (FC-AL). In the mean time, you will need to conect both Brocade BR-815 and the EMC CX-300 to a Fibre Channel switch. Please see Brocade BR-825 specifications page per URL below:

Please let me know if you still run into connectivity issue.

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Re: Connect HBA 825 to EMC CX300

Hello HBA-Dude,

if I read the release notes correct the HBA can be direct connected to a storage array if the array support Point to Point.

Is this correct?

This is taken from the release notes:

Important Notes General:

1.     Brocade HBAs support a direct-attach configuration to storage in Point-to-Point (P2P) mode only (not in Arbitrated Loop mode).

I do not know if the CX300 support Ponit to Point.

The arrays I know do support all Point to Point since many years.

Can you please tell me if I am wrong?



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Re: Connect HBA 825 to EMC CX300

Hi Andreas,

You're correct about the Brocade HBA BR-825 only supports point-to-point (FC-AL is NOT support at this time) if the array supports it. I have done a search on the CX-300 and it did not apprear to support point-to-point without the use of a Fibre Channel switch. Please see URL links below:

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