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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Configuring SAN fiber swithces...

I have two SAN fiber swithces, 2498-B24, running v.7.3.1a.  I have tried unsuccesfully to confgiure both swithces exactly the same but am having diffculty doing so.  sw6 has VC Link Init turned ON, on ports 0 and 4 the ISL ports in this case.  sw5 is exactly the same as sw6 but ports 0 and 4 have VC Link Init turned OFF.  Which is corrrect?  I am thinking OFF is correct but I can not configure from ON to OFF. 


portcfglongdistance vc_transmission_link_init conflicts with portfillword configuration.  When I make the change to the recommendation I keep getting similar recommnedations that when I apply will not work and the port converts back to Arbitary 1 and AA_Then-1A (3).

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