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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Configuring Hard Zone from Scratch

I have been tasked with configuing Hard Zoning on our 2 Brocade 4/12 SAN Switches.  I am new to storage and am unsure of how to proceed. The switches are un-configured. The switches are connected to a MSA2000 SAN with a single Virtual Disk divided into 3 LUNs. We have 4 blade servers each with a single HBA connected to both switches. We want all four of the servers to have access to the 3 LUNs on the SAN.

Could someone provide me with a guide or stating point on configuring the Zone or Zones?

Any assistance that I can get would be gratly appreciated.

Thanks Kevin

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Re: Configuring Hard Zone from Scratch

I'm assuming the switches are not interconnected

I'm assuming the p2000 has only one port per controller connected

I'm assuming the p2000 has dual controllers

I'm assuming the switches are have at least a basic config and are networked already.

I'm assuming you know you're way around an CLI environment

I'm assuming you use explicit mapping for the p2000

I'm assuming that you know a p2000 is an active passive array were only one controller can have ownership of a LUN,

IO sent to the passive (non owning) controller will be accepedt and forwarded to the owning controller, thereby adding a performance penalty.

The term hard zone doesn't apply any more nowadays, in regards to hard and soft zones, although the terms are still used/found occasionally

I suggest reading pages 6-9 from on zoneing enforcements.

help {command} will give you usage about the command

-Logon to the one switch.

-do a switchshow

-you should see 3 wwpn's belonging to the server HBA's and one from the p2000.

-create aliases (if desired) for each wwn like server1_p1 or p2000_ca_p1, the command is alicreate

-now create 3 zones, with in each zone a server HBA and the p2000 wwn, the command is zonecreate

-add 3 zones to the config, the command is cfgadd, probably no config is present then use cfgcreate once to get a config

-save your config, cfgsave

-enable your config, cfgenable

-repeat for 2nd switch

logon on the p2000

-go to your host section.

-rename each host to the appropriate servername/port

-explicit map your first lun to your serveron the first hba, taking care of lun id, host port used and access mode.

-explicit map your first lun to your server on the other hba, taking care of lun id, host port used and access mode.

-repeat above 2 steps for all other servers.

-rescan for storage on your servers, done.

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