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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Configuring FCR with Virtual Fabrics Question

Hi Guys,

I am George from Hungary, new to this forum and I am happy to be here.

I am confogiruing two B5100 and my aim is to use FCR with multiple Virtual Fabric.


B5100_01 Switch

FID 100 (base switch)

FID 110 (Switch with storage ports)

B5100_02 Switch

FID 100 (base switch)

FID 120 (Switch with host ports)

B5100_01 and B5100_02 is connected with 2 ISLs in FID100

All of the FID-s have uniquie domain ID.

My aim is to create a route between FID 110 and 120.I try to congfigure FCR with fcrconfigure command, but it is not allowed in VF mode. After I disable it, I try to set the EX ports, but still it doesn't work .

I red Fabric OS guide, but still not moving forward.

Please if somebody has got some kind of tets configuration, please send me or help me.

Thank you,



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Re: Configuring FCR with Virtual Fabrics Question

With Virtual Fabrics you have to use the "lscfg --change <FID> -newfid <NEWFID>" command.

You also have to allow XISL usage on the other virtual switches if you're not using direct ISL's between FID 120 on both switches.



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Re: Configuring FCR with Virtual Fabrics Question

Hello Erwin,

Thank you, today my isse has been solved, the problem was with the cabling, cause I haven't connected the LS to the rputer configured with EX/E port.

Now I heard that in FOS 7 you don't have to cable within the swirtch to connect an LS to an FCR enabled base switch, I hope soon it will be in GA

Thanks again,



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