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Configuring Active Directory Authentication on Brocade SAN Switches

Hi Guys,

I'd like to configure LDAP support on our several Brocade SAN Switches in the lab to support Active Directory.

I found several guides in the internet and followed the exact steps.

with the aaaconfig command and the ldapcfg command and configured everything needed.

I can even see the configuration in the Switch Admin in the GUI.

the role name I creaded using the  ldapcfg --maprole bradmins admin  command

is the the same one like the one I created in my Active Directory.

Still i cannot login with the domain's credentials to the GUI or the CLI.

I've been trying this for quite a time now and it's very urgent to me, and I'm kinda desperate here.

Kindly please advise me how I could perform this operation?

Thanks a lot!

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