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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Configure Virtual Switch IP address


We have DCX backbone with 3 VF: 128 (ds), 125 (open), 126 (FICON)

I had some network problems, so I deleted IP address from logical switch by the command:

ipaddrset -ls 125 --delete

When I wanted to re-configure the same IP again, I used the command:

DCX_MTF_OPEN:FID125:admin> ipaddrset -ls 125 --add

and the output was:

address is being changed...

Address change failed: internal error (19)

As I can see, the IP hasn't changed.

When I checked the errdump- it seems like everything is fine:

DCX_MTF_OPEN:FID125:admin> 2012/05/07-16:54:02, , 12044, SLOT 7 | CHASSIS, INFO, DCX_MTF, SW/3 IP-FC/3 IPv4 manual10.18.185.105/24 DHCP Off

2012/05/07-16:54:02, , 12045, SLOT 6 | CHASSIS, INFO, DCX_MTF, SW/3 IP-FC/3 IPv4 manual none/none DHCP Off

The IPAD-1000 code refers to information that user manually tried to change IP address.

FOS version is 6.4.2a.

Are you have any ideas??



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