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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Complete switch config backup?

What commands should be run to backup the entire switch config in case of future failure?


Having struggled to get FOS 6.2.2f to download a config file uploaded by FOS 6.2.2e, it seems there are several areas overlooked by configupload. Some are documented in the Admin Guide (section "Configuration file backup") as not saved in a backup:

- dnsConfig command information

- Passwords


but I also found timezone, additional user accounts, and NTP config needed to be manually reset. Are there any other settings? I'm not unsure whether the replacement switch is truely configured like-for-like with the old one, and which commands other than configupload are needed to capture the complete config of the switch.

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Re: Complete switch config backup?

I think your issue is the firmware level. I have used configdownload and gotten all that information to correctly apply. I was using firmware 6.4 I think.

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