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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Compatibility Matrix

Hi Everyone.

I need to upgrade an SAN Environment where i have SAN Volume Controller (2145-CF8) and Brocade San Switches (2498-B40) 6.4.2a.


I would like to know where i found the compatibility matrix. I am planning to upgrade fist the SAN Switches and i need to check if the version 7.3.1d is compatible with SVC.



6.4.2a ==> 7.0.2e ==> 7.1.1c ==> 7.3.1d

SVC ==> ==>


I really need help on this topic. Thank you guys.



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Re: Compatibility Matrix



OEM vendors have a compatibility matrix in order to give response to these kind of queries. Since this switch seems to be maintained by IBM, you should check in their website for the SAN compatibility matrix.




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