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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Compatiability between FOS 8.1.2a and 8.1.2f among X8 and Blade swicthes



currently we have FOS 8.1.2a in our enviroment which contains X8 Enterprise switch and Blade switches {Silkwarm}.


now, we are plaaning to upgarde X8 swichess to FOS 8.1.2f. 

now my question is, 

do we have any compactiabily issue between X8 swicth with  FOS 8.1.2f and Blade switch FOS 8.1.2a.


Please suggest me



Shaik Sandhani., 

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Re: Compatiability between FOS 8.1.2a and 8.1.2f among X8 and Blade swicthes

@sandhani shaik


Fabric OS Release Version Classification
Fabric OS release versions are identified by three integers and an optional alphabetic letter using the following syntax:

FOS <Generation Number>.<Major Number>.<Maintenance Number>[<Patch Letter>].

- Generation – The first integer identifies significant functional changes due to core hardware or software architecture changes.
- Major – The second integer identifies major new software functional changes for new features and platform support.
- Maintenance – The third integer identifies a minor release for defect fixes, selected enhancements, or support of hardware variations.
- Patch – A lowercase alphabetic letter identifies a release version for defect fixes.


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