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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Combining switches from different vendors

Dear all,


Due to company aquisitions and mixing of infrastrucutre we are about to have the following architecture.


Lenovo Flex chassis with 2x FC5022 16gb San scalable switches which will be connected to external HPE SN300B 16gb SAN active switches. HP switches will be connected to the storages - IBM v7000 and HP nimble

I know that under the hood those SAN switches are all Brocade, the question is - Are they going to have any issue with interoperability between Lenovo and HPE switches?

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Re: Combining switches from different vendors

You are correct about each really being a Brocade SAN switch.  The Lenovo and HP SAN switches should connect just fine provided the FOS levels are compatible.   Find which SAN switch has the latest FOS then read the Brocade Release notes for the FOS version to determine if the other SAN switches FOS level is listed.


I believe the HPE SN300B equates to Brocade 6505, so able to use FOS v8.x which supports downlevel FOS on other switches as low as v7.3.1.

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Re: Combining switches from different vendors

Thank you for clarifying!


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