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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Clear all zone config

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Hello there.

I have no brocade swtich for test purposes atm, but recently I have to rebuild my fabrics and I used "Clear all" button in java GUI to clear all aliases, zones and configs. I am curious if command "erase startup-config" provides the same effect? I have doubt about it because of article where it says that "erase startup-config" is used for factory reset. Will this command purge all configuration including management IP address or it will purge only zonning configuration like "Clear all" button?

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Re: Clear all zone config

"erase startup-config" sounds like a foundry/nos/cisco command so I suspect it is applicable to the LAN switches but not to the FC switches. In our world the commands are something like: "cfgdisable; cfgclear; cfgsave". Search the forum for the exact sequence, it was already discussed here many times.

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