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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Cisco WAVE-7541 to optimize FCIP bandwidth


We have two sites connected with FCIP using routers Brocade 7800 and a 60Mbps IP link. This is a DR solution.

And we are getting almost a 3:1 compression ratio using aggresive mode wich is good.

Now, customer wants to test a device named Cisco Wave-7541 to "transfer" more data using the same IP link.

This device has the following features:

- TFO (TCP flow optimization)

- Compression LZ

- DRE (Data Redundant Elimination)

I did not found any referece to the Cisco device in the Brocade Compatability Matrix.

Has somebody tried a similar configuration?

How can involved Brocade to get a formal answer about the compatability with the Cisco device?

Best regards,

David Ulloa

HP Peru

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