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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Cisco MDS9216i and HP Brocade SAN Switch Compatibility


I am having some issues with the interoperability between a Cisco MDS 9216i and Cisco MDS9216i and HP Brocade SAN Switch CompatibilityBrocade SAN switches.

The MDS 9216i SAN switches are running in "interopmode 1" and the Brocade SAN switches are running in "Interopmode 3"

When the fabric switches are connected, initially we had a domain error, but after setting the domain id to 127, the fabrics converged.

I can no "see" the Brocade fabric switch in the Cisco Device Manager, and have a green ISL link active.

It appears that none of the Brocade alias or zoning information has been merged (this is not an issue as there is only two blades in the C7000 chassis).

Although everything looks fine, we cannot find any way to access the Brocade connected devices to add them to any new zones on the MDS principal switch.

My gut feeling is that the Cisco MDS switches are running in the wrong interopmode, which was recently changed from default to "interopmode 1"

Has anyone any experience in getting such a configuration working?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Cisco MDS9216i and HP Brocade SAN Switch Compatibility

What i understand from post is you have an HP C7000 chassis with embedded Brocade switches and you want to connect it to a Cisco SAN.

If that's the case, why bother merging the B and C world? Put your embedded Brace switch in Acces Gateway mode instead.

That way the Brocade switch will work as a "port aggregator" and disables Fabric related  services.

On the C side you should have NPIV enabled on the port, the B switch (now in AG mode) connects to.

On the B switch (in AG mode) you could run with the default config, or edt portmaps failover failback trunken etc to your liking.

Follow this link for the AG admin guide (FOS640)

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