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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Cisco / Brocade Fabric merge with Interop

Hi all,

we have a number of Cisco MDS 9509 Multilayer Director running SAN-OS 3.3(1a) in a fabric.

We also have several Brocade 4100 and 200E switches running Fabric-OS 5.2.0a with a mixture of F-ports and E-ports and mutiple zones.

We would like to upgrade the FOS on the 4100 & 200E Brocades to the latest releases (6.4.x & 6.2.2 respectively) and add the Brocade switches to the Cisco fabric so we can manage them from the Cisco fabric.

1) I'm new to the "interop, native mode, open mode, 0-1-2-3 mode" terminology. Could someone please explain what mode should be set (Cisco & Brocade)?.

2) From what I gather there was a change of terminology and/or compatibility when FOS 6.0.0 was released. Is this true?.

3) Is going to the very latest FOS release on each switch the recommended approach?

4) When the fabrics are merged, will I be able to zone/present storage, attached to the Cisco fabric to servers connected to the Brocade switches and vice versa?

Many thanks,


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Re: Cisco / Brocade Fabric merge with Interop

Please read .

As small summary:

-Connecting C and B is possible by using NPIV (ISL) or routing (IFL).

-Brocade does not support ISLling Cisco switches in any config and or mode.

In the early days there was an Cisco interop mode but that has been removed since a long time now.

The latest release is almost always your best option as it has the most bugs removed.

However is depends on your environment if the latest level will work for you.

When running NPIV/AGmode or Routing a merge of fabrics is not taking place.

Merging only takes place an E ports on both sides. NPIV/AGmode works with N and Fports while routing uses EX or VEX ports. 

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Re: Cisco / Brocade Fabric merge with Interop

many thanks for the quick reply.

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