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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Changing fabric from McData Open Fabric to Brocade Native Fabric?

I'm fairly new to working with SAN fabrics and am hoping someone can shed some light on a few questions for me...

Our current fabric consist of two McData 4700 switches and two Brocade 4020 switches in our Bladecenter. Firmware levels are v9.8.1 and FOS v6.2.2d respectively. The fabric is running in McData Open Fabric 1.0 mode.

We are replacing the McData 4700 switches with SAN48B-5/Brocade 6150 switches (FOS v7.0.0c). The plan was to merge the 6150 switches into the fabric, re-cable hosts to the new switches and then decommission the McData 4700 switches, however we were caught out by the fact that FOS v7.0.0c does not support McData Interop mode.

I was told that newer firmware for the McData 4700s supports running in Brocade Native Interop mode, so if I updated the firmware on those switches I'd be able to modify the fabric to run in Brocade Interop mode, and then merge the Brocade 6150s into the fabric.

Does anyone out there know which (or if) McData firmware supports Brocade Native Interop mode? v9.9.9?

Would changing the fabric to run in Brocade Native Interop mode be as easy as stopping I/O on the fabric, changing both the McData 4700 and Brocade 4020 switches to Brocade Native Interop mode and then starting everything up again?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Changing fabric from McData Open Fabric to Brocade Native Fabric?


in fact, since FOS 7.x Interop-Mode is not longer Supported and Obsolete, and EOS 9.9.9 or another EOS Release, not support Brocade native Mode.

However, 6510 with FOS 7.x support Integrated Routing.

--->>>...and two Brocade 4020 switches in our Bladecenter.

from a point of view to simplify any such small Fabric, - you have just this both 4020 -, a would re-create NEW Config instead fo to migrate old Config.

New Config is most easy as the Migration.

This is my opinion.


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