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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Changing Severity Levels

Is it possible to change the severity levels of messages generated by the silkworm switch. We are running on FOS 6.2.2b

Specifically, we need to trap failed logon attempts by SNMP. Currently these are informational messages and we would like to raise them to warnings so that the monitoring software does not get snowed under with all the other informational messages.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to use syslogd and the audit logs.

Any help much appreciated


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Re: Changing Severity Levels

Hi -

I don't think you can change security levels of messages. But you can change security level of trap recipients, see snmpconfig :

Trap recipient Severity Level:

     When  an  event  occurs  and  if its severity level is at or
     below the set  value,  the  SNMP  traps,  Event  Trap  traps
     (swEventTrap,  connUnitEventTrap and swFabricWatchTrap), are
     sent to configured trap recipients. By default,  this  value
     is  set  at 0, implying that no Event Trap is sent. Possible

     values are

          0 - none

          1 - critical

          2 - error

          3 - warning

          4 - informational

          5 - debug

Setting a trap recipient security level to 4 should help you to get SNMP traps when having informational events like failed logons.

Hope this helps




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