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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Change the port destination to another switch



We have 4 FC switches in our infrastructure, configured with 8 servers (VSC in my picture), and 2 NAS. Each server has two FC links.


We would like to move the port 4 on SW1 to Port 4 on SW3 and the port 0 on SW2 to port 4 on SW4, so the servers VSC05, 06, 07 & 08 can access the NAS without having to go through the F-PORT link between the switches (currently on port 7 on SW1 for instance).


Please see attachment for the schema.


We told me that I wasn't obliged to change the zoning in this configuration, but just validate paths when I'm done moving the GBICs.

Is this true ? How can I proceed ?


All the configuration has been made by professionals, and I have no knowledge of the commands to perform this operation. HP Support gives me nothing.


Do you have any idea? I would be very happy if I could have a step by step procedure.


Thank you very much.

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Re: Change the port destination to another switch



saw your pic and found that you have 4 switches in 2 fabrics.

you have to think about the fabric as about one big switch so there's no need to change the configuration.

unless you want to minimalize risk that isl link (E-port) goes down and servers will lost access to luns


you don't need to change zonning as fabric is one big switch :)


so all you need to do is scheduling offline window (just in case that zonning wasn't configure properly)

label cables so you could back-up your steps , and reseat cables in the way you wanna to.


switches will be notified that configuration has been change



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