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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Change Fabric Principal


IHAC want to remvoe the Principal from the fabric. The picture is below.

The existing connection is below

Fabric A:

sw1 <--DWDM-->sw2 (Principal)<--local ISL-->sw3 <--DWDM-->sw4

Fabric B:

sw11 <--DWDM-->sw12 (Principal)<--local ISL-->sw13 <--DWDM-->sw14


Final wanted image:

Fabric A:

sw1 <--DWDM-->sw3 (Principal) <--DWDM-->sw4

Fabric B:

sw11 <--DWDM-->sw13 (Principal) <--DWDM-->sw14


Does it require to disable the fabricprincipal in existing switch first, then enable the fabricprincipal in the subordinate? After that, remove the origin principal switch and let the fabric to use the new set fabricprincipal switch to acts as principal switch, does it? By using the command fabricprincipal, no force option is used.


Does it online and no interruption on the fabric?

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Change Fabric Principal


please post in the future such question in correct Forum.

about you question, since you want to remove the Principal Switch from the fabric, i would first ( one Fabric at a time ) set in FABRIC_A sw1 or sw3 whatever you want to use as Principal Switch, - sw2 should switching automatically as subordinate - take no action in FABRIC_B, testing connectivity if you Finally Design is working sw1 <--DWDM-->sw3 (Principal) <--DWDM-->sw4

The same for FABRIC_B

for details how to set switch as Principal refer "fabricprincipal" command in Command Reference Manual

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Re: Change Fabric Principal

Thanks Tech helper,

I agree to your point and approach.

But I forget to state, the SW2 is already set as "fabricprincipal", so I can have two approach as follow:

1. disable SW2 "fabricprincipal", then set SW3 "fabricprincipal" enable, then remove SW2

or 2. Direct set Sw3 "fabricprincipal" enable, then remove SW2.

Which apporach is following the best practice?

Beside, should I force the principal switch to SW3 before I remove the SW2,

Or I direct remove SW2 and let the fabric election start? what command I should use to let SW3 takeover the principal switch from SW2?

Thanks for prompt response.

Best Regards,


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