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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Cfg name issue for fabric merge

Hello all ,

We are merging brocade 48k switches located in each data centre .  .

Cfg name on fabric1 is *xxx*  

cfg name on fabric2 is "yyy"  

Both fabrics are loaded with different configurations and zones .

as per the docs  I would assume it won’t allow merge having two different Cfg names  ,pls correct me if I am wrong ... .did verify domain id ,zones ,alias are different in each fabric ,except suspected cfg name .

1. If I want to rename one of the Cfg name , would it be disruptive ?is it needs to be done prior to the merge ?If I just want to do this and make sure zone merge tool gives no report after rename ,can I do it if there is no impact ?

2.Durnig the merge ,is there any I/0 disruptive ?

Best Regards,


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Re: Cfg name issue for fabric merge


You will not be able to merge  48K CFG name xxx with the other 48K CFG NameYYY or vice versa. But do u want to do that? why? this is a redundant Fabric topolgy. You can merge another 2 48Ks , 1 with xxx and another with yyy.

Pls tell me what do u want to do? Pls find attached SAN migration guide for the same.for merging the SAN sw I have created a doc in Wiki. you can refer that too.

If you find the thread correct then make it correct

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