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Cascading 2 switch with problem

I have cascaded 2 switches, which is IBM B16 and IBM B24.

I found that I can see the 2 switches in the Fabric tree panels but when I open the Zone Manager.

The Zone Manager can see it's own switch's port, not other.

I have tried clear the zone cfg but not work.

Can anyone give me an instruction?

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Re: Cascading 2 switch with problem

Check follow:

Switchmode; FOS Release; and Domain ID.

Post here "switchshow" output from both switch

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Re: Cascading 2 switch with problem


if you're trying to do it with Zoning manager in WebTools it won't work any more. Brocade moved fabric management functionality to DCFM with FOS 6.x. WebTools now can only see ports of the switch you're connected to.

A free DCFM Professional version is available. Pro+ and Enterprise versions are normally needed to manage larger fabrics. These come for a fee.

DCFM is now being replaced by BNA (Brocade Network Advisor) that offers similar functionality.

Hope this helps,


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