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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Cascade two 200E SAN Switches

Hi. I'm planning to cascade two existing SAN using Brocade 200E SAN Switches.  Currently, both SANs are in production, the first one using an HP EVA 6100 and the other a HP EVA 4000. The reason that I want to cascade both SAN is to integrate all attached servers into a backup solution, in this way they can access the backup library through the fibre connections.  Do you where I can find some information for setting this up? I would appreciate your help.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Cascade two 200E SAN Switches


both switch must have aunique Domain ID and other same parameter.

see this threads first for a ground config

in your to bound both fabric in a single one i would move all connection to the switch1 after and then cascade the switch2 with switch one.

first must be configured all new alias and zone in switch1 before you move the phisical connections from sw2 to sw1  

if you need more help please inform.


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