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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Cannot see ports from other switch when trying to modify zoning

Hi all,

I have this issue.  Any help or info muich appreciated !!!

Situation:  after adding a second (new) switch to an existing single-switch fabric, I cannot see the other switch and its ports when going into zone administration.  (so when managing via GUI on switch A, in zone administration, i only see switch A ports;  when managing from GUI on switch B, I only see switch B ports)

What I did:  I booted the new switch (B), and plugged a fibre cable in an unused SFP (port 15) in both switch A and switch B.  Then I got the error "duplicate ID."    OK, I looked this up, and to resolve I disabled switch  B, modified its ID to '2'  (other switch has ID '1'), and the enabled the switch again. The error disappeared, and the new switch B has taken correctly the enabled zoning configuration from switch A.

I have now one fabric witch 2 switches.  There is one ISL.  There is no trunking license, but I figure that's not needed when there is only 1 ISL.

But when I want to change zoning, I cannot zone between ports from both switches because the other switch and its ports don't show in the zoning.

Is there anything else I need to configure ?  Anyone can help? Thanks a bunch!

See also 2 screenshots attached, showing the fabric sees 2 SAN swicthes, but the zoning only shows one switch.


Switch Information Report for TONSANSW_SA_BOTTOM

Silkworm 300

List of Switches

Switch ID   Worldwide Name           Enet IP Addr    FC IP Addr      Name
  1: fffc01 10:00:00:05:1e:78:18:19        >"TONSANSW_SA_BOTTOM"
  2: fffc02 10:00:00:05:33:52:36:d2         "TONSANSW_SB_BOTTOM"

The Fabric has 2 switches

Current Switch Information

Ethernet IP Address:
Ethernet Subnetmask:
Fibre Channel IP Address:
Fibre Channel Subnetmask:
Gateway Address:
Ethernet IPv6 Addresses: 

Fabric OS:  v6.4.1b
Made on:    Wed Mar 2 01:39:09 2011
Flash:         Fri Apr 29 12:28:35 2011
BootProm:   1.0.9

List of Inter-Switch Links

Local Domain ID: 1

Local Port     Domain     Remote Port     State
    15            2           15     NB_ST_FULL
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Re: Cannot see ports from other switch when trying to modify zoning

Thats by design.

Once that functionality did exist, but has been moved to BNA (former DFCM which was Fabric Manager) .

BNA has a free edition, one option would be to use that if you want a GUI.

Another option would be to use the CLI as you can still add remote ports or wwn's on your local switch.

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