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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Cannot merge fabric between VF and non-VF

Dear all,

          We have some problem about VF. We tried to configure VF and merge Fabric with Non-VF-capable switch suchas  Brocade 48000. Below is SAN environment:

          Our SAN environment have two fabric which are Fabric A,B.  There are two Brocade 48000 and firmware version 6.4.1a. Both of them are Production mode.  And we have one Brocade 5100 which are enable and configured Virtual Fabric. There are two Virtual Fabric which are FID=128 and FID=10.  At FID=128, we configured Fabric merging between Brocade 5100 and Brocade 48000 at Fabric A. It's fine.  Next,we configured Fabric merging between other Brocade 48000 and Brocade 5100 ( FID=10)  at Fabric B. There are error messages as below:

2011/10/14-19:24:30, , 243, SLOT 5 | FID 128, WARNING, LS48000_1, port 76, ESC detected Fabric ID (FID 128 inherited) conflict with neighbor (FID 10)

           Has anyone ever seen this issue ?  How to merge VF and non-VF-capable  , if FID isn't 128 on VF switch.

Thank you

Sombut J.

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Re: Cannot merge fabric between VF and non-VF



<timestamp>, , <sequence-number>,, WARNING, <system-name>, port <port

number>, <segmentation reason>.

Probable Cause Indicates that the specified switch port is isolated because of a segmentation resulting from

mismatched configuration parameters.

Recommended Action

Based on the segmentation reason displayed within the message, look for a possible mismatch of

relevant configuration parameters in the switches at both ends of the link.

Run the configure command to modify the appropriate switch parameters on both the local and

remote switch.

Severity WARNING

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Re: Cannot merge fabric between VF and non-VF

In a default setup you can not merge two switches with different FIDs. Both 48K have FID 128 and one of your VF switches has FID 10 which doesn't match 128 and this is causing this message.

From my memory without warrenty: It should be possible to disble the Front Domian checks on the 5100 with the configure command. This should avoid any missmatch issues between different FIDs.

Two switches with different FIDs should merge without any issue.

Another question is why are you doing this? You have two fabrics with different switches which looks like a HA config and now you try to create a SPOF.

Looks not very common.

I hope this helps. If my memory dump was OK please mark the thread as corret to help others to find a propper solution.


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Re: Cannot merge fabric between VF and non-VF

I don't know your exact fabric topology but you may have to disable XISL use for your FID=10.

This in order to prevent this logical switch from trying to use the XISL of the base switch.

Please try this and let me know if it helps:

setcontext 10



     Fabric parameters (yes, y, no, n): y

     Allow XISL Use (yes, y, no, n): n


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Re: Cannot merge fabric between VF and non-VF


First of all, same as Andreas, I'm not sure why would you do this. Maybe to add additional ports to your Fabric? But then again you are creating a single point of failure again on BOTH fabrics...

Next the messages displayed "FABR-1001" is according the error messages guide exactly what TechHelp24 showed. But the message looks more like "FABR-1048" and "FABR-1049", which you can find in the Error messages guide of 6.4. (pasting in here would be too long.)

With regards setting up VF and connecting a non VF capable switch, I do not think that it should matter what FID you are in, to hook up a non capable VF switch to a VF switch, since it doesn't care what FID the non capable VF switch has.

And as you can see from the message it says: ", 243, SLOT 5 | FID 128, WARNING, LS48000_1" => FID 128. Your 48K on the B side also has FID 128. (Which is the default.)

I suspect something else going on there, then simply adding an DISL.

Suggest to see why you are actual doing this.


A VF switch and a non capable VF switch will be connected with what they called DISL (Dedicated ISL's), there are NO XISL's between a VF switch and a non capable VF switch.

XISL's are used between 2 VF Base switches, and that is not in your case.



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Re: Cannot merge fabric between VF and non-VF


could you connect the VF and Non VF with FID different to 128?

how you did that?

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