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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Can not delete the ipfilter policy

   I created two ipfilter polices named BlockTelent and BlockTelnet. these two polices one letter different.

Policy named BlockTelnet is active policy and policy BlockTelent is in defined status. I tried to delete the policy BlockTelent, but it failed with "requied cancelled..." message and can no delete.

  I also try to run  ipFilter --transabort, but it failed with "requied cancelled..." message too.

  Anyone encounter this problem? Could you give some suggestion to me? Thanks.


Switch model: 48000

Firmware: V6.4.3e





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Re: Can not delete the ipfilter policy



before you delete OLD Policy, must the NEW_POLICY be active and as defined status.


try follow


ipfilter --save NEW_POLICY_NAME


ipfilter --activate NEW_POLICY_NAME


now you should be able to delete OLD Policy


ipfilter --delete OLD_POLICY_NAME


if the issue persist, try follow


ipfilter --delrule OLD_POLICY_NAME -rule RULE_NUMBER


details about the command, refer Command Reference Manual

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Re: Can not delete the ipfilter policy


    Thanks for your reply. but I am sure I have created new policy and active this new policy. the old policy still can not delete. 

    I also tried to delete all the rules of the old policy successfully, but even there is no rules in the old policy,the old policy can not delete too.

    I make a simulation case in other 48000 switch, it can delete the policy successfully.

    I did not find any bugs in firmware v6.4.3e about ipfilter. 

    Could you have any other suggestion to me?

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Re: Can not delete the ipfilter policy


failed to delete policy like following:


admin> ipfilter --delete BlockTelent
This will delete the IP filter policy.
ARE YOU SURE (yes, y, no, n): [no]yes

Request cancelled...


** I am sure I type "yes" in the question.

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Re: Can not delete the ipfilter policy

Some questions do show up here.


Is this switch subject to a distribution policy?

Is this switch configured to be an FCS switch or has any other switch in the fabric this role?


How where the initial rulesets defined (BNA/CLI ???)

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