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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Can We Connect Devices to DCX / 5100 / 5300 configured as Router

We have the Following SAN Architecture

1. DCX Backbone Fabric Consisting of 2* DCX-4S Acting as FC Routers connecting 2 Sites over MAN Link using DWDM  . ( 1 DCX-4S present in each site  )

2.  At each Site , we have an Edge Fabric Consisting of  1 DCX  .

3. Devices are shared between the 2 Edge Fabrics using FC Routing / LSAN Zones configured at Backbone Fabric.

I have the following 2 Questions regarding this setup

A)  Is it possible to use a Brocade 5100 / Brocade 5300 in place of DCX-4S in the backbone fabric to function as routers ????

B )  If a DCX-4S /DCX/ 5100 / 5300 is configured as a router with Ex ports, is it possible to connect Devices ( Servers / Storage ) also on these boxes ???

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Re: Can We Connect Devices to DCX / 5100 / 5300 configured as Router

Both 5100 and 5300 Support IR = Integrated Rouing as EX_Port.

Both Platforms allow to Connect Port as EX and as Default Port in order to Connect other Device.

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