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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Can SAN Switches/Directors use TLS to enable HTTPS access?

Brocade DCX Director running FOS 7.0.0a.

Secure customer wishes to enable HTTPS on their Directors, but no longer permits Secure Socket Layer certificates (SSL), only certificates using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

There is mention of TLS in the FOS Admin Guide for FIPS and secure LDAP authentication (i.e. LDAP over SSL), neither of which are implemented on this Director.

Table 17 "Secure Protocol Support" in the guide mentions using SSL to support HTTPS, and makes no mention of using TLS to support it, but in table 85 "FIPS Mode Restrictions" it states that in non-FIPS mode (the default), the HTTPS algorithms use "TLS AES 128 cipher suite".

Can anyone state categorically whether FOS 7.0.0a supports the use of TLS to enable HTTPS access?

How would that be achieved in practice?

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