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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Can I use same zone config on two fabrics?


we have a simple FC configuration with just two brocade switches which aren't interconnected. There are some anomalies in the existing zoning config which I wish to cleanup. I understand the need for Single Initiator zones.

- is it alright to have multiple targets in a single zone?

- can we use the same config on both switches. i.e. Zones would include all ports on a controller even though only half of them are connected to each switch? 

The second question is my real focus. I don't think it's a good idea, but my colleague wants to do it.


There are 6 linux hosts each with two dual port HBAs; and 6 storage arrays each with 4 ports per controller; and 2 brocade swicthes, not interconnected.


thanks, Greg.

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Re: Can I use same zone config on two fabrics?



On question 1:

- Yes that is possible, note that in a zone all devices will get SCN's sent if something happens with any device.

On question 2:

- Yes that is also possible, but not recommended. In the end one might get mixed up, with were the devices are connected etc. And besides that, since you suggest it is a simple setup, I assume you use the CLI or webtools to zone. So oyu have to create for each fabric thee same cfg, which is not really workable.


Also you might be interested in new feature in FOS 7.4 called PEER zoning, with multiple initiators and targets in the same zones.





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Re: Can I use same zone config on two fabrics?

thanks Ed.  We rae still at FOS 6.x but I'll keep that in mind for the future.



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Re: Can I use same zone config on two fabrics?

Having a number of targets in the same zone is OK, as soon as the targets belong to the same device, or to different devices, but of the same vendor AND model.

Having missing zone members in a zone is OK. But then how do you tell if this port/alias is missing because it is present in another half of the SAN, or because it has failed and your multipathing is in the degraded state?

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