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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Can I export config off brocade 5000 prior to power down?

Hi all,


I have a brocade 5000 at one end of some fiber and have been advised that the building is having its power switched off for 8 hours for some electrical maintenance. I am not great with switches, so if anything goes wrong I don't want to have to configure all the zones and wwn's again. Is there a way I can export the config already on the switch prior to turning it off? The other end of the fiber is staying up.


thanks in advance


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Re: Can I export config off brocade 5000 prior to power down?

You can use configupload from the command line interface to upload the config to ans ftp/scp server.

When its time to shutdown the switch, use sysshutdown to properly shutdown the switch.


If CLI is not your thing, you can upload the config using the webtools aswell. AFAIK there is no webtools alternative for sysshutdown.


If your B5000 is connected to other switches as well (you mentioned on one end of the fiber) any zoning chnages made, can cause the merge of the b5000 in the fabric to fail due to different zones databases.


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