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Can I convert configured Brocade 5300 to "Virtual Fabrics"?

If I set up my Brocade 5300 out of the box as a single switch with no logical switches or virtual fabrics, and then creates zones, etc, and put it in production;  Can I then come back at a later time and "convert" it to Virtual Fabrics?

Or, do I have to set it up from the start as 2 x Virtual Fabrics?


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Re: Can I convert configured Brocade 5300 to "Virtual Fabrics"?

You can convert it later to Virtual Fabrics. 

Just one thing to note though:  When it is time to enable virtual fabrics, it will require a reboot. 

If/when you do decide to convert, it will essentially take all the current ports and throw them into one base switch.

Then it would be on you to go through and create new logical switches and move ports to these new switches.

The nice thing is, in general, and depending on your servers, you can enable Virtual Fabrics, with little to no impact to your current configuration.

Example.  If you are currently using ports 0-8 on your switch, after you enable VF, your ports in 0-8 will remain in that position with zoning intact.

It requires human intervention to then move any desired ports to a newly created logical switch.

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