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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Can FICON be extended to another Fabric using FCIP?

I am looking into extending a 3594 Tape library from one fabic to another fabric using FCIP.  I am able to access this tape library using fiber channel ports, but I am trying to connect a mainframe up using FICON.  I am using DCX switches and have the license for FICON, but I am not sure if this will work.  I downloaded the FICON Admin redbook, but would welcom any help and direction on how to implement this.  

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Re: Can FICON be extended to another Fabric using FCIP?



Never done it, but according to the FICON Admin guide it is supported:


FCIP configuration requirements for FICON extension
FICON extension uses FCIP for transport. FCIP interfaces and tunnels used for FICON extension must be defined prior to configuring FICON emulation. Ports should remain persistently disabled until after FICON emulation is configured. Refer to Fibre Channel over IP Administrator’s Guide for information about configuring FCIP interfaces, tunnels, and circuits.



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