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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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CMDCE 10.3.3 Event policy question

Hi all,

I'm  trying to triger some action from specific alerts (sending an e-mail,  executing a script, anything....) using the Event policies feature.

When I'm  creating and configuring a response to an alert, nothing happens.

For  instance,

I want an action to be triggered on the following  message:

"A fibre channel port changed its operational state;Port  xx (xx) changed operational state to Offline"

So I created the following  policy

Policy  type trigger : Event

Event type: Device Status Event

Event  Levels: INFO

Description Contains: "A fibre channel port changed  its operational state"

Message ID: *left blank*

Name:  my_switch_name  (I tried with wwn and IP address too)

count: 2

Duration:  5 minutes.

My  policy is active.

I disable/enable a port on this switch a few times.

I  see the  alerts on the log

Could someone please help me to understand why  nothing's working.

Thank you in advance

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Re: CMDCE 10.3.3 Event policy question


according the answer from SANHealtDude, you are again in the wrong Forum.

Correct Sub-forum for such question about SAN Switches and Software is  Products, Technology, and Architecture

From preview Threads #9588

--->>> I reveive the regular e-mail notification if this is what you meant.

yes, this is what I mean.

But what is your Problem ?

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Re: CMDCE 10.3.3 Event policy question

Thanks ABBA. I've moved this thread to right forum now.

As ABBA mentioned please post your questions in Products, Technology, and Architecture forum if you do not find a specific forum. This helps our Community members to respond with no delay since they may subscribe only to a specific forum.

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Re: CMDCE 10.3.3 Event policy question

I thought I was in " Products,  Technology, and Architecture".

Anyway thank you for the reassignment.

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Re: CMDCE 10.3.3 Event policy question


My problem is that I do not manage to trigger some actions upon some specific alerts as the event policies should allow me to.


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