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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Re: Bug with Fabric OS v8.0.2c

I can also also confirm this behavior.

I am having the exact same issue on 4 6505 switches.

After the Update from 7.4.1b > 8.0.2c I cannot login to the switches.

I also try 7.4.1b > 7.4.1d  > 8.0.2c

and 7.4.1b > 8.0.2d with the same behavior.

The old passwords not work and the default password for admin and root not work.


The the workarround for me was /sbin/passwddefault via Serial Connection

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Re: Bug with Fabric OS v8.0.2c

There is a Brocade TSB which covers passwords changing to default after FOS upgrade

to v8.0.1 or newer.  The TSB is 2017-265-A.  You need to contact your SAN switch vendor support for details.

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Re: Bug with Fabric OS v8.0.2c



I have a X6 director running FOS v8.2.1a.


1. I log in as admin

then I do:


rootaccess –set all

>Operation not supported on this platform


userconfig –change root –e yes

>root cannot be enabled on this platform


What now? I cannot enable root to use it!

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