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Brocade5000 & McData4700 cascading -- Fabric MODES ?

Hi ,

I have a problem to cascade between two switches Brocade 5000 and Mcdata 4700

E-ports on both are present , but Brocade 5000 is running in McDATAFabric ( The switchMode Parameter )

and McData 4700 is running on Open Fabric , so are several other McData switches

Is there a way to change the Brocade 5000 switch to Open Fabric mode .

I did not see that as an option in the Brocade5000 admin GUI. Is there a command line option

And another thing:

SW1_5000BOTTOM:root> secmodeenable

Error: This command cannot be executed in McDATA Fabric mode

I cannot enable secure mode if the Broacde 5000 is in Mcdata Fabric Mode.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Brocade5000 & McData4700 cascading -- Fabric MODES ?

It may depend on your FOS level, but you should be able to change the interop mode via the GUI, I know you can on the DCX at least with FOS 6.1 and above. If you go to the switch administration tab off of web tools and do a show advanced mode and then go to configure and then interoperability. Open fabric as well as brocade and mcdata modes are listed.

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Re: Brocade5000 & McData4700 cascading -- Fabric MODES ?

Thanks, The Firmware version on Both primary partition and Secondary partition is 5.2.1_ni1 on the Broacade 5000.

I do not see the Advance Mode in the Admin section ( on the current web GUI )

Are you suggesting we do an upgrade on the FOS to 6.1 first ?

Thanks again for responding to my question, earlier.

-- Nil

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Re: Brocade5000 & McData4700 cascading -- Fabric MODES ?

Looking at the IBM redbook on the DCX, it looks like you need interop mode 3 but to may need to update the firmware to level 9.6.2 or higher on your McData switches and FOS to 6.1 or better on your Brocade switch.

Look at page 473 of the IBM redbook here: . Essentially you'll need to enter the command "interopmode 3" on the admin command line for your brocade switch once the firmware levels are at acceptable levels for the two devices.


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Re: Brocade5000 & McData4700 cascading -- Fabric MODES ?


FabOS 5.2.1_NI Release, NI = Native Interoperability, is a Native McDATA Mode.

You can Upgrade to 6.x and change the Mode in the FabOS based Switches, but same Feature are not available.

For details wich Feature are available or not, see any FabOS 6.x Release Notes.

Secure Fabric is in IM2 and IM3 ( IM= Interop-Mode ) not available.



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