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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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i want to create 2 new zones and add these zones to existing zone configuration.following is the procedure that i am going to follow.please suggest if any modification will help to improve the performance or if i am mistaken anywhere.i want to connect 3 servers of the following specifications with eva5000(2C2D).<BR>a)ES40 server running TRU64Unix 5.1b with 2 FCHBAs<BR>b)rp7410 server running HP-UX11i with 2 FCHBAs.<BR>c)Sun server running Solaris with 2 FCHBAs.<BR><BR>On switches i am going to utilize port 16,17,18,19,20,21 for this zone.For eva5000 SMA,HSV110 fiber ports(2C2D) will be connected to ports 16,17,18 on both switches consecutively.FCHBA from each server will be connected to ports 19,20,21 on each switch. After all this connectivity i will create zone by the name of eva5000 with following specification.

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Re: Brocade3900:Zoning

If Switch1 and Switch2 are part of the same fabric, you should NOT create the zones twice, the propagation should be automatic.Fernando

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