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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade embedded switches / AG mode

:IHAC who wants to configure his embedded Brocade blades in AG mode with 2 external ports connected to their existing Brocade SAN fabric.  They also have 1 external facing port from the embedded switches going to an MSA (port 17).  Will the WWID from the MSA pass through the N-Port to the SAN fabric?  

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Re: Brocade embedded switches / AG mode

Yes it will, unless MSA has some specific incompatibility with the NPIV mode. Also notice that the blade servers will not be able to _directly_ talk to this disk. All the back and forth traffic will have to go upstream to the parent switch and then downstream back to the AG.
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Re: Brocade embedded switches / AG mode

In additional for Alexey reply, brocade best practice not recommended use the same upstream port group for servers and storage together. If you can, configure separate port groups for servers and storage, but keep in mind about resilient connection between AG and switch, what means connection redundancy for port group.

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