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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade condb



can somebody tell me for what the "condb" on Brocade FC Switches is ?



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Re: Brocade condb



My guess is this could be zoning configuration database. Where did you come across it?

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Re: Brocade condb

We are getting sometime the Trap "PS-1009 Failed to add the device updates in condb database"


Brocade Message:

Message Type
Failed to add the device updates in condb database.
Probable Cause Indicates that the fabric has more than the allowed number of devices.
Recommended Reduce the number of devices configured in the fabric to be within the allowed limit. The maximum
Action number of devices that can be configured in a fabric is 940.


So i think it can be the device DB. But 940 can`t be the limit and what kind of Problems do this produce.

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Re: Brocade condb

This is known issue with 7.2.1 code and was fixed on 7.3.1a.

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Re: Brocade condb

Correction, it is not fixed but the display of the message is hidden. It has to do with the number of devices registered in that databse which is limited to 944.


I assume you have a FICON environment and have the Flow Vision oe APM license installed. As of FOS 7.2 flowvision or ttmon is always enabled which, in relation with the high number of devices zoned together, it will throw this message.


It has nothing to do with the number of devices supported to the switch/fabric.


If you upgrade to FOS 7.3.1+ you won't see it again. Then again, if you do run FICON this might not be supported yet. AFAIK 7.3.0b5 is the latest that IBM is willing to look at.



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