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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade (VFabrics) vs Cisco (VSAN's)

I'm a Brocade enthusiast and I'm having a debate with a Cisco colleague of mind and were discussing the differences between the Brocade VFabrics vs Cisco VSAN's.

Two questuions:

1. Do they pretty much provide the same functionality?

2. The Cisco 9222i storage router does not allow you to configure VEX to VE, only VE to VE, I told my Cisco colleague that if t you can't configure VEX to VE the fabrics will merge and that configuring VSAN/Inter-VSAN routing will not isolate the fabrics from one another, but they will isolate the actual traffic.

Can someone confirm this?


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Re: Brocade (VFabrics) vs Cisco (VSAN's)

1) Brocade Virtual Fabric, and Cisco VSAN are different things,

2) VSAN (cisco ) Routing to VF (brocade) is not supported - statement FarioOS 6.2 however will be available in a planned Release i believe 6.4.

( Of course, If is current supported in 6.3 is unknow to me )


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