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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade Switch 768B email notification



We have Brocade switch SAN768B, I want to know if we setup email notification for alerts/errors with in the switch.




Do we have to purchase any monitoring software.


Thanks & Regards






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Re: Brocade Switch 768B email notification

Yes. And No.


IE - MAPS has an email notification that can be setup. I've not had any luck in doing so, but it can be done. (I was limited by the clients email setup)


BNA does have this feature as well, but it does require an Enterprise license (for the DCX SAN768B).

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Re: Brocade Switch 768B email notification


as i remember for maps email you need to have configured external mail server....
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Marian Bezeg
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Re: Brocade Switch 768B email notification

Hi Kumarm,


as the others mentioned, you have the possibility to use MAPs e-mail notification for alerting, but you need an SMTP server to configure that.
mapsconfig --emailcfg -address email_address --> add the recepient address

relayconfig --config -rla_ip relay_ip -rla_dname domain_name --> add the SMTP server IP and domain name


mapsconfig --testmail --> testing the settings
MAPS test welcome mail sent successfully


Alternte option could be using INA, which has GUI interface to do configure the above options.


Regards, Tamas.


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